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in a fun, disciplined environment.

Inspiring a love of dance -

We love seeing people succeed. That’s why a life-long love of dance has turned into offering every child and adult who wants to learn, the opportunity to move through dance.


Learning to dance brings the priceless gifts of self-confidence, agility and poise that can last a lifetime. Dancing is a powerful form of positive self-expression that when learned in a studio environment, improves social skills and self-discipline that carry forward into many other areas of life.

What you can expect from The Studio of Dance: 

  1. OUR DANCE SPACE – Both studios are equipped with professional “floating” floors which reduce fatigue and prevent injuries.

  2. OUR CLASS PLACEMENT – Students are placed in classes based on both their age and ability level. We also ensure that music & costuming is age-appropriate.

  3. OUR INSTRUCTION – All teachers keep current on the latest styles of dance by attending various dance conventions and workshops throughout the year. 

  4. OUR RECITALS – Our recitals are focused on our students, from age-appropriate choreography and music to providing costumes at a base rate. We also use class time to prepare choreography - no need to plan on multiple rehearsals outside of your student’s class schedule.


Everyone Can Dance.

At The Studio of Dance, we believe that everyone should have a chance to learn to dance. Whether you’re 3 or 103, it’s always the perfect time to learn. Look through our class schedule and enroll for an upcoming session.

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